SEDCO Capital Partners with The Saudi Stock Exchange to Promote the Saudi Stock Market to investors in the United States

Nov 06, 2015, 09:00 ET from SEDCO Capital

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SEDCO Capital, a leading Saudi asset management firm, is visiting the United States as part of a three week international roadshow with the Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) following the opening of the Saudi stock marketing to Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) in June of this year.

In line with the Saudi Stock Exchange's medium-term strategy to internationalize and institutionalize one of the biggest and most liquid emerging market exchanges, the roadshow covers three major financial hubs across three continents; Singapore, London and New York.

New York has been chosen as one of the three cities to visit due to Wall Street's significance as an international financial hub. Saudi along with emerging markets have always been on the radar of global and American investors

"This international roadshow marks a very important milestone in the journey of both the Saudi economy and The Saudi Stock Exchange," said Hasan Al Jabri, CEO of SEDCO Capital. "It will showcase the significant opportunities that the Saudi Stock Market holds for international investors across the globe, as a major 'emerging markets' player."

"Saudi Arabia plays a vital role in the global financial system; the depth of the Saudi market, evolving corporate governance standards, strong local economy and a solid financial system are undoubtedly The Saudi Stock Exchange's core strengths," he added.

The Kingdom's commitment to domestic spending and development, and an earnest interest in job creation creates favorable tailwinds for consumer-focused stocks in particular. These are similar to options in mature African or Asian markets, but will undoubtedly prove more attractive because of Saudi Arabia's favorable demographics, and lower regulatory risks.

Yazan M. Abdeen, Lead MENA Fund Manager and Head of MENA Liquid Assets at SEDCO Capital, who will be speaking in two out of these three conferences, said:  "During this roadshow we will continue to narrate to investors the story of the Saudi economy from a global perspective and showcase the diversification benefits that the Saudi market offers to investors investing in emerging and developed markets. Qualified Foreign Investors (QFIs) are positioned to benefit from the market institutionalization as it matures and selects its best breed asset managers that follow a fundamentally driven investment process to outperform the market and their peers."

"Given the significance of the market, combined with a lack of currency risk, we will see an increasing number of emerging market managers (both active and passive) to give more allocation to Saudi Arabia," he added.

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest emerging market exchanges in the world, it represents nearly 50% of the US$1.6 trillion Gulf economy and is the 19th largest economy in the world. The average daily liquidity is more than $2.3bn, making it the seventh largest and fourth most liquid global emerging market. It has a solid track record of financial stability, where it provides growth without the associated common currency and political risks, it also holds one of the world's largest reserves of hard currency at $650 bn.

SEDCO Capital has the local know-how and speaks the global investment language. Exposure to the Saudi market could not be driven by passive top down allocation, due to sector and stock specific concentrations, Saudi's optimal exposure has to be managed by an active manager that understands the market and is based on the ground, and from this SEDCO Capital implements a disciplined fundamentally-driven investment process that is stock-selection oriented in its style. Four pillars define the firms positioning; a fundamentally-driven, socially-responsible and financially prudent philosophy, a research-based, scientific process and approach that is stock-selection focused, run by a solid team with international asset management experience with the longest top quartile track-record in the region.

About SEDCO Capital

SEDCO Capital is a leading asset manager offering investment solutions in a wide scope of geographies and diverse range of asset classes. Having established a strong track record of advisory services and investment management, SEDCO Capital currently manages assets in a diversified spectrum of investments in real estate, equities and other businesses with a total AUM of about 4.5 Billion Dollars.

SEDCO Capital employs highly-efficient investment professionals throughout the world. The company follows the highest standards of corporate governance rules and practices including the use of advanced information technology systems. SEDCO Capital is also the first Saudi asset manager and the first fully sharia compliant asset manager to be a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI).

Through its successful track record, SEDCO is committed to offering innovative Islamic-compliant investment products and today has the largest sharia compliant investment fund platform in Luxembourg through its SEDCO Capital Global Funds platform.

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