SpecialNeedsWare launches AutisMate, an award-winning special needs learning platform, for Android

Special education technology startup, SpecialNeedsWare, launches AutisMate, a comprehensive learning, life skill and communication platform, for Android.

Apr 17, 2014, 13:21 ET from SpecialNeedsWare

NEW YORK, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SpecialNeedsWare will release AutisMate, a comprehensive life and learning platform for individuals with special needs, on Android-powered tablets and smart phones.  AutisMate focuses on simultaneously improving learning, self-management and communication skills through a comprehensive set of visual supports that can be personalized for each individual learner.  AutisMate will now be available on over 90% of all tablets, including 1 billion Android-powered devices, via Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Apple App Store.

"AutisMate was created with a passion for improving the lives of individuals with special needs," says Jonathan Izak, CEO of SpecialNeedsWare. "With the launch of AutisMate for Android, we are expanding upon our mission of providing effective technology solutions to caregivers while creating new moments of celebration for families all over the world."

AutisMate was developed in collaboration with Boston Children's Hospital and hundreds of industry experts, clinicians, educators, parents and individuals with autism.  The platform enables caregivers to create personalized visual supports, including visual scenes, video models, visual schedules, visual stories, grid-boards and more, by incorporating actual images and videos from a learner's natural environment.

AutisMate is currently being used by thousands of parents and professionals throughout the world and school districts across the United States.

About SpecialNeedsWare

Jonathan Izak founded SpecialNeedsWare with the goal of creating a solution to help his younger brother, Oriel, improve communication.  Years of watching Oriel struggle to express his wants and needs using all of the existing technology and interventions available was frustrating and heartbreaking for Jon and his family.  After more than a year of development, SpecialNeedsWare launched AutisMate with a vision of providing a pathway to independence for those with developmental disabilities.  SpecialNeedsWare recently announced an exclusive partnership with Boston Children's Hospital to integrate the Visual Immersion System (VIS), a first-of-its-kind visual language curriculum and support system, into their special education technology platforms.

To learn more about SpecialNeedsWare and AutisMate, visit: http://www.autismate.com


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