Spring Into Training at Bally Total Fitness With Professional Tips

Personal Trainers Reveal Their Expert Advice for Building Muscle and Losing Fat

Mar 15, 2011, 13:00 ET from Bally Total Fitness

CHICAGO, March 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring training isn't just for baseball players. March and April are an ideal time to develop and maintain a workout regimen that will lead right into swimsuit season. Weight training, improved eating habits and cardio sessions are the key to getting in shape before summer.

"After a long winter, spring training is a critical time for a fitness boost," says Mike DiVello, Assistant Vice President of Personal Training, Bally Total Fitness. "While it's tempting to focus solely on cardio for burning calories, the best approach is a healthy mix of challenging weights, cardiovascular exercise at 60-90% of your maximum heart rate and a smart approach to diet."

Bally Total Fitness professionals across the country offered their best exercise advice for the spring season:

  • Eat smart. "When it comes to nutrition in the beginning of your weight loss program, don't drown yourself with the do's and don'ts of what to eat. Focus on calories in versus calories out. Once you've figured out the formula, then you can start making better choices and choosing whole grains and vegetables over refined grains, simple sugars and processed foods." – Scott Camion, Bally Fitness Director, Commercial, FL

Bally Spring Training Bonus Tip: Check out the Bally Total Fitness website for the calorie burning calculator: http://www.ballyfitness.com/achieve-your-goals/workout-tools/calorie-burning-calculator.aspx

  • Quicken your pulse. "Instead of a long, steady state of cardio, try doing sprints on the treadmill. Sprint for 30 seconds to a minute and then walk until your heart rate reaches 60% of your maximum heart rate. You'll spend less time in the gym and see better results." – Tony Noca, Bally Fitness Manager, North Hills, PA
  • Jump Around. "One hour of walking on a treadmill may burn around 200-300 calories, but one hour of jumping rope can burn 700! Jumping is an excellent cardio workout." Kary J. Parks, Bally Fitness Manager, Palos Verdes, CA

Bally Spring Training Bonus Tip: Check out the Facebook page for a sample starter 3-day a week workout. It will re-energize your gym routine and bring the fun back into working out.

  • Pump Iron. "For women, don't be afraid of using challenging weights. You're not going to bulk up like the Incredible Hulk unless you're consuming an excessive amount of calories daily. The weights need to be heavy enough to make your muscles respond." – Mike Stanlaw, Bally Fitness Manager, Staten Island, NY
  • Think Spring. "Post a picture on the refrigerator of how you want to look before skin-bearing season arrives. Or take out your favorite spring outfit from last season, put it on now and decide which areas of your body need a little extra work." – Christine Todd, Bally Fitness Manager, Bloomfield Hills, MI

For more helpful fitness tips on spring training, check out the Bally Total Fitness Facebook page throughout March and April. Please visit www.ballyfitness.com for information on Bally Total Fitness Center locations and hours of operation.

Bally Total Fitness operates nearly 300 clubs across the United States. With 2.5 million active members and over 30 years of experience, Bally is among the most popular health club chains in America. The professional team at Bally Total Fitness helps motivate members to improve their physical health and reach their personal fitness goals with many affordable membership choices - including options with no long-term commitment.

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