Summer Demands Its Own Style; Be Prepared with Gideon's Fine Jewelry

When hot weather calls for clothes to come off, accessories become more important than ever.

Jun 26, 2013, 17:03 ET from Gideon's Fine Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The summer months bring about a resurgence in social activity. Friendly barbecues, holiday gatherings, and days at the beach mean we can step out in our most casual warm-weather outfits and share laid-back times with our loved ones. Pool parties and nights out also call for wardrobe tweaks, especially emerging from the restrictive cold of winter. Because fashions rely less on layering and covering up, we have less options at our disposal for making ourselves look memorable during this season.

Gideon's Fine Jewelry, located in Woodland Hills, CA, believes this puts even more weight upon the accessories we wear during this time. The luxury goods retailer offers a plethora of options for style-inclined individuals looking to make a splash this summer. From the Michele Tahitian Jelly Bean and Michele gold watch options perfect for getting attention on a sunny beach to Montblanc jewelry that dazzles during nights on the town, Gideon's Fine Jewelry is an authorized dealer for many of the world's finest brands. This isn't only true for women; the right statement piece like Montblanc rings for men or a classic Hamilton chronograph from Gideon's Fine Jewelry can get a man noticed in any crowd, no matter how casually he is otherwise dressed.

For those trying to make this the most memorable summer of their lives so far, Gideon's Fine Jewelry also stocks an impressive collection of engagement and wedding rings from leaders in the industry. Creations from James Kurk, Scott Kay, Benchmark, and Christian Bauer mean that aspiring fiances have a true breadth of options before they get down on bended knee. Here is a little more about each of these innovative designers:

  • James Kurk uses cutting-edge technology to create unique wedding bands—including a recent focus on etched cobalt designs—which attract those who appreciate the non-traditional.
  • Scott Kay presents designs that merge the finest quality materials with deliberately used iconographies from various cultures, religions, and geometrical patterns.
  • Benchmark has been pushing boundaries with its innovative use of alternative metals (like Tungsten, Seranite, and more), but also produces world-class traditional designs that are truly worthy of its name.
  • Christian Bauer is a German-based luxury wedding ring company whose products are steeped in over a hundred years of tradition— they use incredible precision and finishing techniques to create true craftsman pieces.

For all of these brands, Gideon's Fine Jewelry is an authorized retailer. This means that these companies have specifically approved Gideon's Fine Jewelry to satisfactorily uphold all high standards of the brands. Companies without authorization can potentially sell refurbished or knock-off pieces; on the other hand, every item available at the Gideon's Fine Jewelry store is proven to be authentic and original. All products, in addition to a warranty provided by Gideon's Fine Jewelry, are backed by their manufacturer's own international provisions.

To learn more about Gideon's Fine Jewelry and its dedication to providing elegant and beautiful luxury goods, call 1-877-992-3377. Their store policies and products can also be explored by navigating over to

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