SurDoc® Launches SurMD™ Medical Data Archival & Retrieval Service

HIPAA-Certified Cloud Storage Lets Healthcare Providers and Patients Archive Medical Information

26 Jun, 2014, 09:00 ET from SurDoc

MILPITAS, Calif., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SurMD™ from SurDoc®, the leader in creating and providing secure cloud services, announces the launch of its Medical Data Archival and Retrieval™ (SMAR) service. SMAR is the only HIPAA-certified product available that gives people and healthcare providers the ability to safely archive, back-up, retrieve and send medical records, patient data and billing information from multiple devices.  

HIPPA Certified Cloud Storage Helps Providers Deliver Better Care
SMAR can accommodate the data storage needs of any healthcare provider, from a small independent practice to a major medical system. SurMD's advanced security algorithms guarantee data protection and the SMAR system stores multiple copies of each file to protect against data loss. Providers can download the software to an unlimited number of desktops for added convenience.

Storing patient histories, test results, medical records and reports on the cloud has multiple benefits. Providers can utilize secure sharing services to send information instantly and track whether a patient or specialist has received and downloaded it. It can also reduce patient wait times, contributing to better overall delivery of care.

"There are a lot of cloud-based services out there," said Peter Junge, SurDoc HIPAA Compliance Officer. "But SMAR's HIPAA-certification distinguishes it from others that simply don't provide the security and privacy that's critical when storing and allowing access to this type of highly personal and sensitive medical information."

Eliminating Privacy Issues and Empowering Patients
SMAR enables consumers to upload and keep a secure, detailed personal health record. Patients can access their medical histories whether they are out of town for business or vacation – even internationally. When patients relocate, or if they are simply visiting different or new doctors, medical records will be at their fingertips, providing a convenient way to take control of their health. Records kept in SMAR can be safely sent to providers through its built-in file sharing feature.

"SMAR empowers patients to take care of their health, and we created it because we saw a need for a more secure way for them to archive and access their medical histories," said SurDoc Co-Founder Yvonne Li. "The cloud allows patients to have instant and hassle-free access to that information whenever or wherever they need it and SMAR gives them the peace of mind that their information is protected."

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