SynTech Creative and Ian Gleason Bring Spoiler Relief to Twitter Users in a Manner Never Done Before

A small WV technology firm and a nationally recognized radio and podcast personality have partnered to do something never before accomplished on Twitter and save millions of users from having their TV programs and sports events spoiled before they can be viewed. SynTech Creative and Ian Gleason developed Spoiler Block to protect the TV viewing public on Twitter.

Nov 11, 2015, 18:36 ET from SynTech

HUNTINGTON, W.Va., Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The world of Twitter is dominated by information, and sometimes information people want to avoid.  Whatever the circumstance, when an individual can't watch a desired program live, they record it.  Between the time it airs and the person gets to watch it, Twitter is normally flooded with tweets regarding the goings on of popular TV shows, games, and movies. Many times, the only recourse a Twitter user has is to stop following a particular person or 'mute' them, but normally only after the damage is done: the outcome of their favorite show or sporting event has been ruined by an innocent tweet.

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SynTech Creative and Ian Gleason, (host of the Ian Gleason Show podcast and  Executive News Director for the nationally syndicated Lex and Terry Morning Radio Network), have partnered to tackle this problem.  Enter: SPOILER BLOCK. The brainchild of Ian and the result of the hard work of the development team at SynTech Creative, Spoiler Block allows Twitter users to block particular tweets by filtering keywords that the user can add to the app, or remove when they're done blocking that item or phrase.  Spoiler Block also allows Twitter users to follow whomever they want and not be limited by the use the mute feature.  Since Spoiler Block is keyword based, users can actually block anything they don't want to see.  Tired of seeing political tweets?  Block them!  News stories you are sick of seeing over and over again?  Block them!  Don't want to keep up with the Kardashians?  Block them!

Spoiler Block is the first of its kind in the world to tackle spoilers in the manner that it does. Unlike similar apps, the user is not limited by the options other developers choose to offer to block.  With Spoiler Block, anything can be filtered out and back in at the user's discretion. It is available on the iOS and Android platforms.  SynTech Creative and Ian plan to continue updating and improving it and even looking at other social platforms and eventually releasing it for Windows Mobile.  SynTech Creative's mission is to generate revenue to help persons with disabilities and projects like this help make significant advances towards its goals. 

SynTech Creative is a Huntington, WV based tech firm owned by The Foundation for Independent Living.  The primary goals of SynTech Creative are to serve people with disabilities and provide high quality technical employment.

Ian Gleason is the Executive News Director for the Lex & Terry Radio Show and the Host of The Ian Gleason Podcast.

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