Targus Announces the Smallest, Lightest Laptop & Portable Device Chargers Available on the Market Today

The Tiny yet Powerful AC and DC Chargers Simultaneously Power Your Laptop and Mobile Devices At Home, the Office, Even Your Car

22 Apr, 2010, 08:30 ET from Targus Canada

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Targus® Canada is proud to announce the lightest, most compact chargers for laptops, netbooks and other mobile devices such as smartphones, cell phones, iPads, iPods, MP3 players, and portable game players. Ideal for travel, the new chargers can charge multiple devices simultaneously at home, in the office, on the road, in an airplane, boat or car.

The new line of laptop chargers are designed to be versatile as well as eco-friendly. With the Tips from Targus program, the chargers can be upgraded to work with other mobile devices in the household, or new laptops purchased in the future at no charge (shipping and handling fees apply).  In addition, the product has been designed with next generation technology to dramatically reduce the size and provide a flexible, modular platform for different types of usage modes and charging needs. The elimination of the AC cord, for example, not only reduces bulk when traveling, but also allows the power adapter to be out of the way when being used at home or the office. The product also requires 60% less materials to build and package than current adapters, and combined with its ability to upgrade, makes it the most eco friendly power adapter on the market today.  

"Our new power product line is designed to reduce the hassle associated with a mobile computing lifestyle, by making a charging system that is smaller, more versatile and more attractive than the power adapters that come with a laptop. We have invested in understanding the problems laptop and mobile device users have keeping their devices charged,  from the stay-at-home mom and hustling student, to the mobile professional and road warrior - and their needs and wants are very similar," stated Carolyn Perrier, vice president of product management and marketing at Targus headquarters. "Considering one device replaces six, they are not only the lightest, most compact devices of their kind on the market; they are also the most efficient."

Targus Premium Laptop Charger (AC/DC) – APM69CA

Half the size and weight of typical AC/DC charger, the Targus Premium Laptop Charger includes nine laptop tips, one mini-USB tip and one iPad/iPhone/iPod/iTouch charging tip. Included with the AC charger is a separate DC charger that plugs directly into a cigarette lighter and also charges two devices simultaneously. The AC charger features an integrated rotating plug, which allows the charger to sit vertically into a power strip without blocking other outlets. The Premium Laptop Charger, which includes both the AC and DC chargers is available for an MSRP of $169.99 and supports virtually all leading brands of laptops.

Targus Compact Laptop Charger (AC) - APA69CA

The Compact Laptop Charger is half the size and weight of a typical AC charger and it provides simultaneous charging of most laptop brands and a low-power devices. The APA69CA is compatible with most  HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, IBM, Panasonic, Compaq, Acer, Asus, Gateway and Fujitsu laptops. This charger includes a mini-USB tip for low-power devices like a BlackBerry and has an iPad/iPhone/iTouch/iPod connector available for shipping and handling fees.  The Compact Laptop Charger measures 2.73 x 0.78 x 4.5 inches, weighs 11.6 ounces and is available for an MSRP of $99.99.

Targus Netbook Charger (AC) - APA70CA

The most versatile netbook charger on the market today, Targus' new Netbook Charger supports a wide array of leading netbook brands plus charges one additional low power device at the same time. The AC charger is compatible with netbooks by leading manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, MSI and Samsung. It measures 2.73 x 0.78 x 4.5 inches, weighs 11.5 ounces and is available for an MSRP of $89.99. The unique design also allows the charger to simultaneously charge a low power device including a smartphone, iPad/iPhone/iTouch/iPod or other low-power device.

Targus Mobile Laptop Charger (DC) - APD80CA

Ideal for travel, the new Mobile Laptop Charger is the lightest and most compact DC charger on the market today. The charger can be used as an additional charger when you're working in the car or on an extended flight or train ride. The DC charger includes eight laptop tips and one mini-USB tip. It conveniently lets you charge more with less clutter so you can leave all your other chargers at home. It measures just 3 1/2 inches long, weighs 6.9 ounces and is available at an MSRP of $89.99.

All of Targus' new chargers can power or charge two devices simultaneously. The AC Chargers all have a rotating integrated AC plug that allows you to plug the charger vertically into a power strip without blocking other outlets.

The new Targus chargers are backed with a two-year limited warranty. These and other Targus accessories are available at Targus.com/ca as well as through leading retailers, VARs, e-tailers, and direct marketers.  

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