The Fourth AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference and Global Mobile Internet Leadership Summit 2015 is going to take place in Shenzhen

More than Mobile

Oct 20, 2015, 10:00 ET from IDG China

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- From Oct. 22nd to 23rd, 2015, the Fourth Android World Global Developers Conference and Global Mobile Internet Leadership Summit 2015, initiated by International Data Group (IDG), is going to have its grand opening held in Intercontinental Hotel Group (Shenzhen). With the theme, More than Mobile!, this conference is expected to attract more than 3,000 participants.

Lasting for two days, this event has been arranged with multiple activities such as keynote speeches, leadership summit, high-level dialogues, parallel forums, display and exhibition, developer session, award gala and so on. The line-up of guest speakers is something definitely worth looking forward to. Elites from all over the world in the industry of mobile internet have been invited, including well-known enterprises and specialists in the industry such as Intel, Haier, Jingdong, Sina, TalkingData, UCLOUD, UPYUN, Tingyun, Liepin, Testin, SUPER D, Ehang Drone, Raybo and so on. In-depth exploration focusing on business model, technical exchange and mobile apps promotion based on Android platform will be carried out around the theme of More than Mobile!. In the form of hosting a global leading intelligent world exhibition and Android mobile apps appraisal, a communication platform has been established for the cooperation, reciprocity and win-win among Android developers, investors, suppliers and carriers. It is also for the purpose of solving the practical problems which developers are up against and enhancing the overall sound development of Android ecosystem in China.

The supreme spotlight of this conference belongs to the section Global Mobile Internet Leadership Summit, to which the industry elites are invited to give intensive insights. The participating guests are representatives from the IT, internet, carrier, capital, business and media fields. Full-range exchange and communication will be carried out concentrating on the status quo and prospects of the latest hot topics such as global and domestic internet ecosystem, cross-border cooperation in open platform, future development of intelligent terminal, new business and technology in the mobile internet era, cloud and big data, enterprise mobility, etc. Audiences at the scene are able to get a glimpse of the elites' wisdom and the sparks ignited in their verbal collision. This is a feast of industry know-how, a collective exploration of the mobile internet's future and the next "5-billion development".

To most developers, Android World Global Developers Conference is an opportunity. In this technology feast, developers hope that their hardwork will finally turn into realization of their dreams. For this very purpose, sessions at different time periods with different themes are arranged to present the most abundant and brilliant contents. Due to the significance of cloud storage technology in the data era, Cloud Service and Big Data Session is organized specifically in the conference. Data is no doubt the top concern of all developers currently. No matter storage speed, response mode or data security, each link of it allows no tolerance of mistakes.

For the purpose of accelerating the informationization of Medical Service and Health Care, deep exploration in the medical and health care fields has become the focus of the industry. The Mobile Health & Medical Care session in this conference will be a platform of innovation, entrepreneurship and creation for intelligent medical care, mobile medical care, internet medical care, medical care informationization, mobile health, wearable devices, etc. Large quantities of outstanding global health and medical care entrepreneurship projects will be discovered during the session and therefore lead to success.

To Android industry insiders, the Android Native Advertisements and Mobile Marketing Sub-forum in the afternoon of Day 2 is also on their must-attend List. From media to internet +, and nowadays WeChat business, there are millions of channels to serve Android advertisements, but how to match the advertising solutions with the products? This parallel forum may be able to provide you with satisfying answers.

Moreover, the appraisal of Word APP Creativity Championship and its Award Ceremony will be held in the afternoon of Day 1 in Hall 3 Madrid. Excellent works from Shenzhen division will make their collective appearance on that occasion for the review of experts from venture capitals and industry technology.

In addition, the sponsor has arranged Mobile Game Developer Session and invited first-class game producers and developing teams to share their ideas regarding game market trends, the latest technology, as well as their brand new visions of developing mode and commercial value.

The U+ Developer Conference and Haier U+ Maker Tournament in the afternoon of Day 1 is going to pick out the winner of U+ marker contest, which is an important link of the Haier smart home ecosphere. Android System Developing Session and Seminar Based on Intel ® Architecture is an event that belongs to Intel architecture developers. In this forum, Intel will introduce its most advanced software development and performance optimization tools and give tutorial lectures on site. Developers with any doubt about payment issue should attend the PING++ Mobile Payment Developer Session in the afternoon of Day 1. Experts in PING++ payment development fields will give multiple keynote speeches to explain in every angle the payment issue.

Meanwhile, the sponsor has prepared elaborately all kinds of exhibitions corresponding to the themes of this conference. The keynote of the exhibition is to demonstrate the application of Android in the mobile intelligent terminal field, which includes the whole industrial chain of mobile intelligent terminal covering hardware suppliers, carriers, software suppliers, developers, service providers and intelligent support industries. For the purpose of serving mobile developers, the exhibition will demonstrate to authoritative experts and participants present at the scene developers' APP innovation, and by this occasion help investors excavating more outstanding projects from the markets, facilitate multi-party collaboration, and create a win-win situation for both the project initiator and the investor. As a special treat to participants of the conference, the sponsor has invited beauty queens from the New Silk Road Modeling Contest to perform. The charms of beauty and technology will shine on the same stage together. Besides, the conference will host an Android World Annual Award Gala and Banquet to announce the 2015 AndroidWorld Award Winners.

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