The Information Consulting Services (TICS) Introduces Uneartha, the Next Generation Product for Big Data

Nov 05, 2015, 07:40 ET from TICS

LONDON, November 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Based on the number of years' experience in the Information Management space, TICS has created a revolutionary product (Uneartha), which is a single automated out of the box application, which will drive the end state solution (including data ingestion) directly from requirements. Uneartha's engine capacity caters for big data and IoT deliverables, and can also be used as an inexpensive option for data migration.

An all-in-one fully automated product from initial business requirements right through to a fully functional end state environment that's quick and simple to deploy. Encompassing a data warehouse/big data, semantic layer architecture, extract transform and load (ETL), source and target connectors and end state requirements in a single automated product.

The product greatly reduces the technology stack, resource skillsets and complexity in delivering an informational solution, whether into a conventional data warehouse or big data environments. Uneartha is commercially accessible to any organisation needing to manage data, improve business operational performance, efficiency and effectiveness.

Leading industry analysts have called the announcement "an exciting development" in the information space, especially with simplifying a complex landscape. 'The technology is revolutionary in its own right, but the additional benefit of the unique transparent licensing model, makes it really appealing to customers.'

Uneartha is not only an extremely impressive automated technology stack, but the delivery approach leveraging Uneartha will automatically break new ground in forcing closer collaboration between business, technology and data groups, driving greater ownership and improved outcome accuracy.


Uneartha's multi-faceted capabilities are wrapped up into a single product. Uneartha will simplify processes, reduce cost, reduce time to deliver and improve accuracy:

  • Requirements Traceability Matrix - Includes end state definitions for reporting/analytics, hierarchies, transformation rules, connectors, security, and source to target mappings.
  • Data Governance Builder - Defines quality measures and relevant reports/ dashboards required to manage overall data strategy.
  • Data Model Builder - automatically build models for data warehouses, big data platforms and report/analytics semantic layers.
  • Data Flow Builder - automated Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes, built from requirements traceability matrix. Delivers the scalability and availability to support any size organisation.
    • Reporting - View real-time data going through the Uneartha framework. Understand data accuracy prior to landing in end state architecture


TICS provide Information Services that delivers intelligence which enables smarter decision-making. Empowering businesses to turn information into action by driving value-enabled business insights.

Our sophisticated product sets enable speed of deployment without the complexities and hidden costs associated with traditional licensing models.

A full range of services and specialist resources underpin our unique collaborative approach to relationships. We work with you to deliver outcomes that reduce complexity, whilst increasing speed of deployment and business adoption, helping to maximise ROI.

Through TICS, transform your data into meaningful information and gain greater insights to your business. Our solutions increase the effectiveness of overall decision making and help improve financial performance.

For more information about Uneartha and TICS please contact:
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