The Specialty Pharmaceutical Market Outlook: Key players, Opportunities and Future Trends

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The Specialty Pharmaceutical Market Outlook: Key players, opportunities and future trends

The Specialty Pharmaceuticals Market Outlook reveals market dynamics, leading players and key therapy areas of opportunity for specialty pharma companies. Market drivers include increasing reimbursement from national health bodies and governments, industry consolidation, big pharma divestments and biotech growth. Resistors including increased competition, big pharma entry to specialty markets and the financial crisis are also examined in the context of industry strategies of licensing deals, product acquisitions and orphan drug development. Ten leading players are profiled including an analysis of current products, drug pipelines and threats from patent expiries.

The effects of industry trends such as rising costs, and generic erosion are analyzed and developed into an outlook for the future of the specialty sector, including strategies for future success.

Key features of this report

• Sizes the specialty pharmaceutical market and makes quantitative forecasts to 2014

• Details market drivers and resistors against the background of pharmaceutical market dynamics.

• Profiles the ten largest specialty pharma companies, including recent deals, product pipelines and key patent expiries.

• Analyzes the effects of wider pharmaceutical industry trends on specialty players.

• Details strategies for success in the future specialty pharma market.

Scope of this report

• Assess leading players in the specialty sector.

• Understand the drivers and resistors of the specialty pharmaceutical market.

• Understand key market strategies such as in-licensing, acquisitions and orphan drug development.

• Determine therapy areas of rich opportunity which are well suited to the specialty pharma business model.

• Develop strategies for success in the future specialty pharma market.

Key Market Issues

• Which therapy areas and indications have suitable dynamics for the specialty pharmaceutical business model?

• How is the financial crisis affecting the specialty pharma industry?

• Competition for licensing deals is increasing as big pharma companies rush to fill their pipelines.

• Healthcare reform is set to have wide ranging effects on the largest pharmaceutical market in the world.

• A further round of pharma industry consolidation will impact the specialty pharmaceutical industry.

Key findings from this report

• The specialty pharmaceutical market is estimated at $116bn in 2010 and is forecast to grow to $141bn by 2014.

• In 2008, specialty pharma companies accounted for 15% of global pharmaceutical sales, and 40% of sales not accounted for by big pharma companies.

• Central nervous system, anti-infectives, cardiovascular and ophthalmology were the largest specialty pharma therapy areas in 2008.

• Industry pressures on large diversified pharma companies are having a knock-on effect on the specialty sector in the form of increased competition for licensing deals.

Key questions answered

• What is outlook for specialty pharma companies and therapeutic markets to 2014?

• What are the drivers and resistors of the specialty pharma market?

• What are the leading players in the specialty pharmaceutical sector?

Companies mentioned

Alcon , Allergan , Biogen idec , Forest , Gilead sciences , Lundbeck , Mundipharma , Servier , Shire , UCB

Table of Contents

The Specialty Pharmaceutical Market Outlook Executive summary 10

The specialty pharmaceutical market 10

Specialty therapeutic markets 11

Leading players in the specialty pharmaceutical market 12

The future of the specialty pharmaceutical market 13

Chapter 1 The specialty pharmaceutical market 16

Summary 16

Introduction 17

Background 17

Definition 17

Overview 17

The specialty pharmaceutical market 18

Drivers 20

Increasing reimbursement/healthcare reform 20

Industry consolidation 21

Big pharma divestment of therapeutic franchises 21

Long term growth of biotech 22

Resistors 23

Increased competition for in-licensing deals 23

Increased competition in specialty markets 24

Reimbursement regime can depress prices 24

Financial crisis to inhibit near to medium term biotech productivity 24

Industry strategies 25

Acquisitions 25

Licensing in products 26

Orphan drug development 27

Conclusion 28

Chapter 2 Specialty therapeutic markets 32

Summary 32

Introduction 33

Drug innovation 34

CNS 35

Market overview 35

Alzheimer's 37

Epilepsy 38

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 39

Anti-infectives 40

Market overview 40

HIV 41

Cardiovascular 44

Market overview 44

Heart failure 45

Cardiomyopathies 46

Ophthalmology 47

Market overview 47

Glaucoma 49

Age related macular degeneration 50

Chapter 3 Leading players in the specialty pharmaceutical market 54

Summary 54

Introduction 55

Servier 57

Company overview 57

Marketed products and product pipeline 57

Deals 58

Outlook 58

Geographic factors 58

Patent threat 59

Generic strength 59

Conclusion 59

Gilead 60

Company overview 60

Marketed products and product pipeline 60

Pipeline 61

Deals 62

Outlook 63

Patent threat 63

Growth of HIV market 63

Reliance on HIV 63

Conclusion 64

UCB 64

Company overview 64

Marketed products and product pipeline 64

Deals 66

Outlook 67

Patent threat 67

Strong position in the epilepsy market set to continue 67

Biopharmaceutical pipeline potential 67

Conclusion 68

Forest Laboratories 68

Company overview 68

Marketed products and product pipeline 68

Deals 69

Outlook 70

Patent threat 70

Conclusion 70

Mundipharma International 71

Company overview 71

Marketed products and product pipeline 71

Deals 72

Outlook 73

Patent threat 73

Conclusion 73

Shire 74

Company overview 74

Marketed products and product pipeline 74

Deals 75

Outlook 75

Patent threat 75

Strength in ADHD 76

Switching strategy may not succeed 76

Conclusion 76

Allergan 76

Company overview 76

Marketed products and product pipeline 77

Deals 79

Outlook 79

Patent threat 79

Strength in niche markets 80

Conclusion 80

Biogen Idec 80

Company overview 80

Marketed products and product pipeline 81

Deals 82

Outlook 83

Patent threat 83

Safety risks of Tysabri and Rituxan 83

Conclusion 84

Lundbeck 84

Company overview 84

Marketed products and product pipeline 84

Deals 85

Outlook 86

Patent threat 86

Strength in the CNS field 86

Conclusion 86

Alcon 86

Company overview 86

Marketed products and product pipeline 87

Deals 89

Outlook 89

Patent threat 89

Positive outlook for the eye-care market 90

Conclusion 90

Chapter 4 The future of the specialty pharmaceutical market 92

Summary 92

Overview 93

Trends 94

Healthcare reform 94

Increased competition for licensing opportunities and acquisitions 94

Takeovers and mergers of specialty pharma companies 95

Increased development of specialty R&D 95

Strategies 96

Concentrating on correct indications 96

Building partnerships 98

Effective search for products and candidates 99

Appendix 100

Selected bibliography 100

Index 101

List of Figures

Figure 1.1: Value chains of specialty and fully integrated pharmaceutical companies 18

Figure 1.2: Segmentation of the pharmaceutical market ($bn), 2008 19

Figure 1.3: Specialty pharmaceutical market ($bn), 2008-14e 20

Figure 1.4: Global biotech R&D expenditure ($bn), 2008-14e 23

Figure 2.5: Opportunity against requirement for innovation by therapy area 35

Figure 2.6: CNS market segmentation ($bn), 2008 36

Figure 2.7: Global anti-Alzheimer's drugs market ($bn), 2004-09e 38

Figure 2.8: Global anti-epilepsy drugs market ($bn), 2007-14e 39

Figure 2.9: Breakdown by drug class of the global anti-infectives market ($bn), 2008 41

Figure 2.10: Regional breakdown of the HIV drugs market ($bn), 2008 42

Figure 2.11: Global HIV drugs market ($bn), 2007-14e 43

Figure 2.12: US HIV population (m), 2005-14e 44

Figure 2.13: Breakdown by drug class of the global cardiovascular market ($bn), 2008 45

Figure 2.14: Incidence of chronic heart failure in the EU and the US ($m), 2010-16e 46

Figure 2.15: Sales of leading players in the ophthalmology sector ($bn), 2008 47

Figure 2.16: Global ophthalmic pharmaceutical sales ($bn), 2009–14e 48

Figure 3.17: Revenues of leading specialty pharma companies by therapy area 56

Figure 3.18: Alcon segmental revenues, 2008 87

Figure 4.19: Specialty pharma's increasing role in drug development 96

Figure 4.20: Tradeoff of competition and market size between small and large indications 97

List of Tables

Table 2.1: Key specialty therapy areas and market shares, 2008 33

Table 2.2: Sales performance of various CNS drug classes, 2008 37

Table 2.3: Prevalence of glaucoma in selected markets (m), 2008–14e 50

Table 3.4: Leading Servier marketed products ($m), 2008 57

Table 3.5: Servier product pipeline 58

Table 3.6: Gilead marketed products ($m), 2008 61

Table 3.7: Gilead product pipeline 62

Table 3.8: UCB marketed products ($m), 2008 65

Table 3.9: UCB product pipeline 66

Table 3.10: Forest marketed products ($m), 2008 69

Table 3.11: Forest product pipeline 69

Table 3.12: Mundipharma marketed products ($m), 2008 72

Table 3.13: Mundipharma product pipeline 72

Table 3.14: Shire marketed products ($m), 2008 74

Table 3.15: Shire product pipeline 75

Table 3.16: Allergan marketed products ($m), 2008 77

Table 3.17: Allergan product pipeline 78

Table 3.18: Biogen Idec marketed products ($m), 2008 81

Table 3.19: Biogen Idec product pipeline 82

Table 3.20: Lundbeck marketed products ($m), 2008 84

Table 3.21: Lundbeck product pipeline 85

Table 3.22: Alcon marketed products ($m), 2008 88

Table 3.23: Alcon product pipeline 89

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