Timofey Nahorny United Athletes and Artists From Across the Planet in Kyiv!

Sep 16, 2013, 06:36 ET from CFC Consulting and Ukrainian Volunteers Fund

KYIV, Ukraine, September 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --


On September 14, 2013, the charity gala Live Earth Show gathered sport and pop stars from all over the world. Athletes and artists from Brazil, Germany, Georgia, Canada, China, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Japan joined the show.

The participants of the Saturday event included Ukrainian gymnasts Street Workout, Georgian ballet team Vatan, world break dance champions from Japan Found Nation, Turkish extreme basketball performers Action Team, tumblers from Ukraine and Russia, capoeira professionals Color de Brasil, trampolinists Trampo Brothers, as well as extreme divers from Hong Kong Extreme Diving Team.

Stereo Love singer Mia Martina (Canada), German artists Ray Horton of Movetown, Moldovan pop singer Dan Balan, Russian pop star Nyusha, as well as Ukrainian stars Jango and RENATA were the popular entertainers who helped the sport performers fill the crowds at Maidan Nezalezhnosti with positive emotions.

"I'm sure that tomorrow many little Ukrainians will ask their parents to enroll them into various fitness classes: some will aspire to become an acrobat and a gymnast, others - a breakdancer or an extreme diver," commented Ukrainian Volunteers Fund President Timofey Nahorny. And it's hard to disagree - the breathtaking performances impressed the most sophisticated audience.

The first round of applause followed the basketball players from Turkey who scored a basket performing acrobatic stunts. The Extreme Diving Team made the audience watch their performance with bated breath. The divers performed their jumps outdoors and at night, therefore facing increased challenge because of the weather conditions and low visibility.

The height the divers jumped from varied between 12 and 25 meters, while the athletes aimed for a tiny, 6 meters in diameter pool, which was only 2.5 meters deep. Comparably, Olympics contestants jump from the height of 10 meters into a 6 meters deep pool. The speed of such extreme diver can reach up to 96 kilometers per hour, amounting to little more than 2 seconds the performer spends in the air.

The fire jump was the culmination of the extreme diving performance. Tens of thousands stood still to see one of the courageous jumpers cut through the air and into the pool while his whole body was literally on fire.

SOURCE CFC consulting and Ukrainian Volunteers Fund