UBTECH Donates Robots to Robotic Research Institutions and Developers as Alpha 2 Indiegogo Crowdfund Soars Past Expectations

To promote robotics application and breakthroughs in development, UBTECH will select ten robotic research institutions and developers to receive Alpha 2, the first humanoid robot for the family

Nov 19, 2015, 11:03 ET from UBTECH Robotics

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Just one week into its Indiegogo crowdfund campaign for the breakthrough Alpha 2 humanoid robot, start-up UBTECH Robotics has garnered a tremendous amount of support and consumer response beyond its most optimistic projections.

The company unveiled the Alpha 2 robot on Indiegogo in order to support mass production, enhanced functionality and affordable pricing of the first humanoid robot designed for practical household service and companionship.

In tandem with the Indiegogo campaign, UBTECH set a $1,000,000 USD stretch goal. If Alpha 2 can reach this target, UBTECH will send 10 Alpha 2s at no cost to robotic research institutions and developers around the world to promote faster development and interest in the commercial future of humanoid robotics. The company plans to select Alpha 2 recipients based on recommendations and interactions from UBTECH's home page as well as on the scale and focus of robotics and engineering programs at the recipient institutions. Interested educational institutions can get more information about the donation program by registering at campaign@ubtrobot.com.

With funding from the Indiegogo campaign, the company intends to expand its talented engineering team and to encourage feedback and interest in the Alpha 2 from the wider developer community. With both the campaign and the donation program, the company hopes to attract a community of developers who will take Alpha 2's capabilities to the next level, leveraging its open application platform and support for VAPP application development.  

"The overwhelming response for Alpha 2 is a dream come true for me," says UBTECH CEO James Chow. "We have long wanted to bring the world a humanoid robot designed for the family, and clearly the world is ready."

For more information about the donation program please visit the following:

About the Alpha 2
UBTECH's Alpha 2 promises to take robotics out of the toy box and into everyday use. Excitement around the Alpha 2 stems in part from its unprecedented intelligence and dexterity. The programmable humanoid device features 20 servo motors that enable a revolutionary level of flexibility and efficient movement.

The Alpha 2 robot is capable of simultaneous interpretation, voice search, visual interaction and providing verbal reminders. Functional and interactive, it brings to the mainstream a family robot capable of accomplishing a wide range of typical household tasks, including managing weekly calendars and providing verbal reminders for scheduled tasks, performing home security monitoring and alerts, and following verbal instructions.

Visit the Alpha 2 Indiegogo page at http://igg.me/at/alpha2 or get more information on the UBTECH website by visiting http://www.ubtrobot.com/en/.

About UBTECH Robotics:
UBTECH Robotics develops, manufactures and evangelizes robotic technology around the world. The company is the first dedicated to commercializing humanoid robots for mainstream use and enjoyment. The company's elite hardware and software developers are among the most respected robotics engineers in the industry. http://www.ubtrobot.com/en/

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1AtfHm4hf8