Union Condemns LCB/Mother's Day Vodka Ad Campaign

May 07, 2010, 13:57 ET from ISSU

HARRISBURG, Pa., May 7 /PRNewswire/ --The Independent State Store Union today sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board denouncing their Mother's Day radio advertisement campaign suggesting that all Pennsylvanians buy their mothers vodka for Mother's Day.

ISSU represents the managers in the state store system all across Pennsylvania.

"Your Mother's Day promotional radio ad program costing $142,000 is more damaging to the common good of all Pennsylvanians than the mere dollars expended.  You refuse as Board and chief staff members to make any decision that is contrary to the most outrageous marketing strategies of the alcohol beverage industry no matter what effect they have on the public good.  You are collectively the number one drug pushers in Pennsylvania.  As puppets of the alcohol beverage industry, you have abdicated any role of being a regulator against the bottom line interests of the industry," says Ed Cloonan, Information Director for ISSU.

Cloonan continues, "Your Mother's Day radio/print hawking promotions makes a joke of alcohol education for women.  In advance of Mother's Day 2011, you will be able to send coupons and frequent drinker credit rewards to pregnant women."

ISSU is asking all five gubernatorial campaigns to replace the three PLCB Board members, the CEO, the Director of Marketing and Merchandising, and the Director of Retail Operations as quickly as possible after the winning candidate assumes office in a new administration.