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May 14, 2014, 14:49 ET

Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District Wins Award For Best Wastewater Collection System In The State

 The Fairfield Suisun Sewer District has won the prestigious 2013 California Water Environment Association's (CWEA) award for the state's best...

Jan 16, 2014, 15:07 ET

Wine-Industry Related Businesses Lease Close to 1-Million Square Feet of Space in Fairfield, California

 Almost 1 million square feet of commercial real estate space, some of which still has yet to be constructed, is being snapped up in Fairfield,...

Dec 10, 2013, 14:25 ET

Sales at Fairfield, California's Auto Mall Up 32 Percent from 2012 - Approximately 14 Acres Available for New Dealerships

 Fairfield, California's Auto Mall is revving up the local economy with sales up 32 percent compared to the same period last year. Dealerships...

Oct 29, 2013, 17:16 ET

Fairfield, California's Ample Water Supply And High Capacity Wastewater System Brew Up An Ideal Location For Craft Beer Industry

 An ample water supply, a high capacity wastewater system, and available properties with room to grow, position the San Francisco Bay Area city...

Jun 14, 2011, 13:34 ET

Fairfield California's Economic Development Department Announces CarMax Purchases Property at Auto Mall

Fairfield, California's economic development department announces that CarMax has purchased two Auto Mall parcels believed to be for a future...

Nov 15, 2010, 15:02 ET

Mercedes-Benz and Lowe's Coming to Fairfield, California

While many California cities are still facing sluggish growth, the San Francisco Bay Area city of Fairfield, California is experiencing an increase...

Feb 26, 2009, 15:21 ET

Business Growth Continues in Fairfield, CA With Several Companies Choosing to Locate in the Bay Area City

Fairfield, CA continues to attract companies despite the slow economy. Businesses are drawn to the San Francisco Bay Area city for its strategic...

Dec 09, 2008, 13:00 ET

Fairfield, CA Continues Steady Leasing Activity

Fairfield, California's commercial leasing activity remains steady with the recent announcements from several businesses that they are locating in...

Nov 14, 2008, 15:38 ET

New Restaurants Opening in Downtown Fairfield, CA are Expected to Boost Growth

Fairfield, California's downtown area is in a growth mode with the news that several restaurants are planning to open their doors for...

Aug 14, 2008, 01:00 ET

Fairfield, CA Waterman Water Treatment Plant Modernization and Expansion Project to Double Capacity

FAIRFIELD, Calif., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The final phase of the Fairfield, CA Waterman Water Treatment Plant project which began construction...

Jun 23, 2008, 01:00 ET

Businesses Choose Fairfield, CA for Available Space, Freeway Accessibility, and Available Workforce

FAIRFIELD, Calif., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The San Francisco Bay Area city of Fairfield, CA continues to attract companies in diverse industry...

Mar 14, 2008, 01:00 ET

City of Fairfield, CA's Community Development Department Announces Two Major Retailers Set to Open

FAIRFIELD, Calif., March 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fairfield Community Development Department announced today that two major retailers are set to...

Feb 04, 2008, 00:00 ET

City of Fairfield, CA Redevelopment Agency Offers 4.29 Acres for Sale

FAIRFIELD, Calif., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The Fairfield Redevelopment Agency announces an invitation to purchase 4.29 acres of Agency-owned real...

Oct 22, 2007, 01:00 ET

City of Fairfield, CA Opens Bidding for Surplus City-Owned Real Property

FAIRFIELD, Calif., Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Fairfield, CA's Office of Community Development Department announces an invitation to bid for the...

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