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Sep 10, 2014, 08:35 ET
Should people be able to fully recline their seats during the following types of flight? (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Frequent Fliers Want To Recline Seats

Frequent Fliers Want To Recline Seats But One in Five Attempted To Stop Others Reclining Photo -

Aug 26, 2014, 12:33 ET
The last time personal email password was changed (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Americans don't change their passwords enough: Only 53% changed banking passwords in last year

Despite all the recent press about cyber security and hacking, Americans still don't change passwords enough, according to the latest research from...

Jul 23, 2014, 08:24 ET
Imagine you found yourself in the following situations...  Would you or would you not consider using Airbnb to rent a place to stay? (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

45% of New Yorkers agree: Airbnb is great for NYC

According to the latest New York City survey by YouGov Omnibus, 45% of those who have heard of Airbnb agree that "Airbnb is great for New York...

Jul 16, 2014, 10:31 ET
What are the most important factors when choosing a new or pre-owned car? (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Price Trumps Safety Record For Car Purchase: Americans Have Short Recall Memories

 Price is trumping safety record when it comes to choosing the next car, according to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey. Photo -...

Jun 25, 2014, 10:30 ET
Identification of World Cup sponsors (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

One-Fifth Of Americans Correctly Identify Coca Cola As Official World Cup Sponsor: Nike incorrectly identified by 16%

According to the latest research from YouGov Omnibus, when asked which brands they thought were official sponsors of the FIFA World Cup, Americans...

Jun 23, 2014, 17:02 ET
Which segments of society do you feel are overly represented in the media? (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

LGBT Find Attractive, Rich People Over-Represented in The Media: 40% Of Heterosexual Americans Find Too Many Gay Men

According to YouGov's LGBT Omnibus research results LGBT responders find the media overly represented by beautiful, rich people.  Four in ten...

Jun 03, 2014, 15:33 ET
What type of material do you think you might wish to remove (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Americans would support "right to be forgotten"

According to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey, a majority of Americans (55%) would support a version of the "right to be forgotten" legislation,...

May 19, 2014, 11:09 ET
Most Popular Star Wars Characters Amongst Fans (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Star Wars VII: Viewers most excited to see return of Harrison Ford (69%)

According to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey, news that the next Star Wars movie will feature cast members from the original trilogy has struck a...

May 16, 2014, 11:19 ET
How secure are private messages on social media? (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Americans wary of private messaging on social media: 57% think social media bad method for privacy

According to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey, a quarter (27%) of older Americans are not sure when social media messaging is really private. ...

May 05, 2014, 09:59 ET
UK and US Views on Social Media at Work (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Over Half (55%) Of American Workers Have Five Year Career Goal - And A Plan To Get There.

Over Half (55%) Of American Workers Have Five Year Career Goal - And A Plan To Get There. Photo -...

Apr 23, 2014, 09:13 ET
Which Shakespeare play have you studied, watched live or seen on TV or Film? (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Shakespeare: One in eight Americans (79%) recognize "To be or not to be"

450 years since the birth of William Shakespeare, more than half (53%) of Americans surveyed in the latest YouGov Omnibus survey think that...

Apr 09, 2014, 14:41 ET
Which advertisements do you feel are the LEAST trustworthy? By this we mean which are least likely to reflect the true features and capabilities of the product being sold.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Half Of Americans Don't Trust Ads: Diet Aid And Financial Services Ads Trusted Least

According to a recent YouGov Omnibus survey half of Americans (50%) who are aware of advertising don't trust what they see, read and hear in...

Apr 04, 2014, 13:44 ET
Perpetual War and Government Surveillance. To what degree do you agree with the following statements?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

1984 Thirty Years On: 62% Think The Government Uses Our Personal Electronic Devices To Spy On Us

This month is thirty years since the year immortalized in George Orwell's iconic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.  Global research company YouGov...

Mar 27, 2014, 08:14 ET
How good an indicator is the SAT for the following?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Only 37% Of Americans Believe The SAT Should Be Required For College Admissions

According to the latest YouGov Omnibus research only 37% of Americans agree that the SAT should be required for college admissions and are evenly...

Mar 19, 2014, 11:02 ET
Thinking about the changes made by United Airlines, with which of the following statements do you agree, if any?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Half Of Recent Fliers Approve United Carry-On Bag Crackdown

According to the latest Omnibus survey by global research company, YouGov, 32% support the United crackdown on oversized carry-on bags compared to...

Mar 18, 2014, 18:05 ET
Why do you think Alzheimer's does not receive the same financial support as doe other major diseases?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Americans think Alzheimer's falls behind in financial support 'because it affects older people'

According to the latest YouGov Omnibus survey nearly half of Americans (47%) say Alzheimer's attracts less financial support than other diseases...

Feb 25, 2014, 10:45 ET
Which of the following types of debts do you think cannot be cancelled by a full Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if any?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Only A Quarter (26%) Find Bankruptcy Shameful: 62% More Worried About Credit Rating

  According to a recent Omnibus Survey conducted by research company YouGov, 18% of Americans have either filed for bankruptcy or a member of...

Feb 05, 2014, 17:58 ET
Which of the following brands do you think are official sponsors of the 2014 Winter Olympics?    (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

One Third Of Americans Correctly Identify McDonalds As Official Olympic Sponsor: Pepsi Incorrectly Identified By 21%

According to the latest research from YouGov, when asked which brands they thought were official sponsors of the 2014 Winter Olympics, McDonalds...

Jan 31, 2014, 18:01 ET
What do you like in a commercial?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

45% think NFL should set a minimum safe temperature for Super Bowl

A recent YouGov Survey found that Americans seem reconciled to a cold weather Super Bowl.  Although 49% think it doesn't matter that the game...

Jan 29, 2014, 16:54 ET
The Tri-State area recently experienced a period of heavy snow.  How well did your area cope with the heavy snow?.  (PRNewsFoto/YouGov)

Tri-State Residents Overwhelmingly Positive Reaction to Janus Storm Cleanup

According to the latest survey of Tristate residents by research company, YouGov, residents were overwhelmingly positive about the cleanup...